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Islam at a Glance Jama'ah / LDII

Islam at a Glance Jama'ah / LDII
History Jama'ah LDII
This flow starts from a town in East Java, the City of Kediri, in this city there are lectures called Darul Hadith study led by H. Nur Hasan Al Ubaidah Lubis, the name "Lubis" by him means "Extraordinary". His first name is Madekal or Madigol, he was born in 1908 in Bangi, Purwoasri, Kediri in East Java. Madigol had lived in the city of Mecca, with the recognition of study at Darul Hadith Mecca and studied to some Ulama in Arabic for 18 years (of duration is not clear, there is a difference). But from the Darul Hadith does not admit a student who called Nur Hasan Ubaidah, [1] and around the year 1940 he returned to his homeland to deliver science Quran Hadith Manqul.
Darul Hadith was founded in 1951di Kediri, later named Nur Hassan Amir or priest of this group. This flow because of its image in the community who are always causing trouble, always changing - change the name as da'wahnya strategies to exist in the community. This flow is called Darul Hadith, later renamed the Islamic Jema'ah, on January 13, 1972 and renamed LEMKARI (Institute of Islamic Employees) in order to accommodate the former members of Darul Hadith (DH) / Islamic Jama'ah (IJ ) which was banned by the Attorney General dated October 29, 1971. Then, because based on the LEMKARI XI Mubes acronym changed to 1981 Employees Institute of Islamic Da'wah but still abbreviated LEMKARI. There are some names that they use to deceive the Muslims as a form taqiyyah movement, which is the name of Islamic Education Foundation Jama'ah (JPIJ), Jema'ah Quran Hadith, Yayasan Pondok Al Jama'ah (YPJ), Jappenas, Yakari, and other names . Since the Council of the Hostel IV LEMKARI Haji Pondok Gede Jakarta, in November 1990, officially renamed LDII (Lembaga Da'wah Islam Indonesia) until now, the advice General Rudini, who was the minister at the time. [2]
City or regional origin of the emergence of Islam Jama'ah / LEMKARI or now called LDII (Lembaga Da'wah Islamiyah Indonesia) are: Burengan Banjaran Village, in the middle of the town of Kediri, East Java. Gadingmangu Village, Kec. Silver, Kab. Jombang, East Java. Pelem village in the middle of the City Kertosono, Kab. Nganjuk, East Java. [3]
In principle this LDII with any other name is banned by the government, in East Java based on the CLT (Supervisory School Community Trust), Islam or LDII Jama'ah is expressed banned for disturbing the public, but to deceive the people, they always change - change name in its spread. But since it is always a restless in each region, the Central Government banned nationally this cult by Decree No.Kep-089/DA/10.1971 Attorney General dated October 29, 1971.
Given the already banned nationally, then Nur Hasan seek new strategies to keep ajaranya exist, so he asked for help from Murtopo who at that time had a huge influence as Wakabakin / Opsus in the reign of Suharto. So finally this Jama'ah Islamic states into the Golkar itself in order to save themselves, take cover under a tree beringan New Order power of the ruling at the time. [4]
Even a letter from the Chairman of the powerful Golkar Joint Secretariat, and SK Pangkopkamtib radiogram. AAMP Golkar Joint Secretariat, so that these flows still exist and be authorized until now and even spread in various areas to abroad, such as in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, America and Saudi Arabia, Suriname, New Zealand and Germany.
Nur Hasan Al Ubaidah Lubis, leader of this cult died on March 31, 1982 in a traffic accident in the roadway of Tegal - Cirebon, the Campaign will attend the Golkar in Jakarta Banteng field, the car that drove a red Mercy Tiger 8418 EW nopol B collided with a Fuso truck in the afternoon about three o'clock. [5]
After the death of Imam LDII this, the throne was replaced by his son Imam Abdul Dhohir and in front dibai'at LDII leaders before the body was buried Madigol Nur Hasan. LDII has headquarters in the city of Mecca, which is in the area behind the dining Ja'fariyyah Mu'minin Mother Siti Khadijah, and in the region Khut Aziziyyah Mina near Mecca. Meanwhile, Indonesia's strongest base is in East Java, where the flow was first born.
Aqidah and Thought
Developed ways of proselytizing, these groups use taqiyyah (lie) fathonah bithonah nobility karna luhuringbudi God. Although the operational techniques and appearance subject to change - change. In each study, this LDII firqah always insisted on the 5 aspects of their basic doctrines, namely
1. Manqul
2. Bai'at
3. Emirate Jama'ah
4. Structure Kingdom Jama'ah
5. Obedience to the Amir [6]
In the study - pengajiannya, their strength is based on "System 3, 5, 4", namely;
"3" = Jama'ah, Quran, Hadith or Quran, Hadith, Jama'ah.
"5" = a program of five chapters containing bai'at promise and oath to the amir, including the Koran, mengamal, defend, and obey jama'ah continued amir.
"4" = the rope of faith, include: gratitude to the amir, amir glorify, mean - really and pray.
In practice there are some doctrinal teachings of the faith and the strategies employed to recruit jama'ahnya, namely:
1. Every Muslim who is a pagan group outside of the lawful and berpahala even if they lie, steal, rob, dllnya for the interests of Islam Jama'ah. Property including his parents, brothers and neighbors who are not from the jama'ahnya groups.
2. And about everything related to the Al Quran and Hadith, it must obey the emir and all manqul become the authority interpretation amir (Manqul), and any interpretation beyond the priest is misguided. Manqul by Nur Hasan Al Ubaidah is the time to learn to know the movement of the oral / body teacher; ears to hear, can mimic exactly righteous deeds. Walls or through unauthorized books. Students were not allowed to teach anything that does not manqul though he mastered the science of it, unless the student has received a diploma from the teacher so she can teach the whole content of the book have been him that diijazahkan. [7] And Nur Hasan admitted that the Indonesian Ulema one - only that he only manqul religion. So the source of the Shari'ah is the Qur'an, Hadith and Amir (Nur Hasan).
3. Amir is a person who has a very high degree of other human beings, then jama'ah be grateful for the existence of this amir, then jama'ah would go to heaven. So bai'at mandatory and must obey the priest. For example, how menafisrkan Nur Hasan Al Isra verse 71, that the word "bi-Imaamihim" in the verse is him.
4. Death does not pledge allegiance to the imam (Nur Hasan) so as to die Jaahiliyyah. And it was only to bai'at Nur Hasan because he had dibai'at since 1941, so who died before 1941, they were not pledge allegiance and would go to hell, because the doors of heaven just opened after 1941.
5. Each scholar is outside the Islamic group Jema'ah is not valid / invalid, traitors and infidels, and certainly the denizens of Hell.
6. In a membership group called Ansar (the term for regular members) and the Muhajir (the term for members who gave life and death of his possessions to the priest who dibai'at). Conditions for Muhajir is to buy land in a village called Ivory Mangu is located in the city and Kertosono Jombang, East Java, and the status of these lands belong to the priest. This is because the city has been declared by the Imam as the Dar al Hijra. [8]
7. Sins could be redeemed to the Amir / Imam and the amount depends on the amount of ransom sin done and that determines the Amir / Imam.
8. Qurban meat Haram give Zakat Fitrah or to people outside their group.
9. Haram to pray behind someone who is not their group, then the prayer should be repeated again if diimami not by the group.
10. Haram marry outside their group.
11. Muslims outside the Islamic group Jema'ah / LDII is unclean.
12. Friday Khutbah Arabic language.
13. Jama'ah other than Jama'ahnya is not valid, except jama'ah and imarahnya (Islamic Jema'ah) and himself (as priests), is grounded on reasons for saying 'Umar ibn Khothob about Jama'ah.
Of all the examples of this LDII firqah belief, as formulated by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) that the error LDII include aspects of Imamate, Bai'at, Obedience and Manqul Islam.
Several interpretations style manqul LDII Nur Hasan Imam.
Surat Al-Isra 17: 71:
"Remember) a day (which in that day) We call every people with their leaders and those who provided the book in his right hand righteous deeds then they will be reading his book, and they were not persecuted at all".
That one day all men will be called and collected accompanied by his priest, the priest will become a witness of their time in the world. It must be obedient to the priests, because the testimony of the priest will determine one's hell and paradise. Imam / leader (bi Imaamihim) in the verse he thinks is his.
H.R. Ahmad: "Laa yahillu litsalaatsati nafariin yakuunuuna bi-illa falaatin ardhi ammaruu 'alaihim ahadahum".
"It is not lawful for the three people who were on the earth empty, but they made the amir to one of them to lead them".
This hadith is interpreted by Nur Hasan, that every Muslim is forbidden life, eating, drinking, breathing and deeds of worship in vain, unless he membai'at a priest, it is their lawful. Because unlawful (because not bai'at), then the entire estate to be kosher to steal and blood as well as halal and Islamic pagan status invalid. This misguided opinion and commentary added by Umar saying Khottob ra.
Laa islaama innahu jamaa'atin illa bi wa laa jamaa'ata illa wa laa imaaratin bi imaarata illa bi thoo'atin.
"There is no Islam without Jama'ah and no Jama'ah without Imarah and no Imarah without obedience".
Jama'ah is referred to in the atsar interpreted by Nur Hasan is the Imam Jama'ahnya and there was himself, so there is no obedience except to himself, as a priest.
The People and the Supporting
Some figures from firqah LDII: H. Nur Hasan Al Ubaidah Madigol, Imam LDII, Dhohir bin Abdul Madigol, son Nur Hasan, Emir bin Toha India, LDII preachers in Los Angeles and Australia / Ustadz cousin brother Bambang Irawan H, Abdul Aziz, Abdus Salam, Muhammad Daud, Abdullah, Sumaida 'u (her younger siblings), Muhammad Yusuf, the royal treasurer LDII, Sumaida'u husband / brother-in-law Madigol, Ahmad Sholeh, Miniature sheet Affandi, Su'udi Ridwan and Drs. M. Nurzain (Vice-four Royal LDII).
Besides that they also make a move infiltration into agencies - governmental and military agencies through the movement of the preachers, so they have jama'ah - jama'ah in it.
People who have been aware and out of the movement firqah LDII: Ustadz Hafiluddin Bambang Irawan, former preachers / One Second after Imam LDII / Former Priest-in-law acting in LDII LDII have reached 23 years, Debby Murti Ustadz Nasution (Former LDII preachers, 1973-1983) , Ustadz Arifin Zaenal Aly (former preachers LDII, 1976-1982), Ustadz KH Hashim Rifa'i (former preachers LDII), Navy Admiral (Ret.) Drs. H. Mangunkarta Ahadi, Lieutenant AD Instructor Aghfar AMN Abdul Aziz, KH Subroto Ahmad, Abdul Kohhar, Hashim Bukhori, Imam Maliki, following his family.
In an effort to build its network, they do fundraising neat enough, so there are some infaq that must be met by the members jama'ah, like infaq absolutely mandatory that 10% of any income members, infaq Jum'atan study, ramadhan and holidays , infaq fi shodaqoh Sabilillah for the development of physical facilities, infaq shodaqoh rengkean, namely infaq be handed to the emir of food, charity, grants, endowments and inheritance as well as pilgrims and business shares owned by Jama'ah. [9]
In its motion, they are very solid and very disciplined and even patterns that become strategies taqiyah their proselytizing, really - they really apply. LDII danger is not just a discourse or an opinion but a fact. So with all the authority because it's pretty obvious astray, Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), issued a fatwa on the Islamic heresy Jama'ah / LEMKARI / LDII, as follows;
Indonesia Council of Ulama Fatwa on Islam Jama'ah / Darul Hadith
Leadership Council of Indonesian Ulama Council, after
1. That the Islamic schools of Jema'ah began there in Indonesia about 70 years-an. Because heretical and misleading and cause unrest in society, is banned by schools of the government in 1971. Government prohibition was ignored. They continue to operate with a variety of changing the name to peak at around 1977-1978.
2. Schools of this that Muslims who did not include Islam Jama'ah is including the 72 groups would go to hell, Muslims should be lifted "Commander of the Faithful," which became the central leadership, and must obey, Muslims who entered this category and should be loyal bai'at to the "Commander of the Faithful" and guaranteed to heaven, a legitimate Islamic teachings and should be followed only the teachings of Islam that originated from the "Commander of the Faithful".
3. This flow followers decided hbungan from other groups, although the parents themselves, are not valid to pray behind someone who is not Muslim Jama'ah, clothing pray that the followers of Islam Jama'ah touched by someone other than the followers must be purified, the husband must see to it that his wife, including Jama'a Islamic groups, and if not then the marriage should be decided, legal marriage is a marriage sanctioned by the "Commander of the Faithful", and the legitimate sermon when pronounced in Arabic.
1. Islamic teachings that Jema'ah, Darul Hadith (or whatever the name used) is a doctrine that is contrary to the true Islamic teaching and broadcasting it provoke the emergence of unrest that would destabilize the country.
2. Muslims urged to heed our brothers who lost it to return to the teachings of Islam on the basis of pure intentions and a desire to save a fellow servant of God who has chosen Islam as the religion of Allah's wrath.
3. In order for the people of Islam further enhance the message of Islam through the activities of the media or other media instruction, especially against the renaja, youth, students, artists, and others who are hungry to spray the pure Islamic religion, especially to the candidates in the followers of Islam Jama'ah eprtama stage, with the methods or means of delivery are more in line with people facing
4. To immediately report to local prosecutors to provide evidence of a fairly complete when the Islamic movement or activity Jama'ah (or any other names used) to cause unrest and shock the household and society.
So with this fatwa, Muslims need to know and understand about the dangers of a cult is, first they often changed their names, and now this cult called LDII - Lembaga Da'wah Islam Indonesia should not be confused with DDII - Indonesia Islamiyya Da'wah Council leader Mohammad Natsir. Now this LDII firqah shelter and refuge under the umbrella of one political party strong enough until now, so until now they still exist even a signpost - plangnya spread in various regions.
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